• Athlefixâ„¢ Pro
  • Portable Carry Case
  • The Lotus Dome
  • The Sniper Bullet
  • The Ultimate Ball
  • The Steady Fork
  • The Flat Sole
  • The Ace Of Spade
  • The Mace
  • The Claw

Why Choose Athlefix?


Select a gear (speed) your body is comfortable with - with over 30 gears to choose from! Use daily for 30 minutes a day for up 2 weeks without having to re-charge with our long lasting battery life.


Weighing under 900g (1.98 lbs) making it simple to hold for all ages, whilst never having to worry about your Massage Gun sounding too loud - 45db on max speed which is still 25db than competitive massage guns.


Includes 8 unique attachments, each attachment takes care of a different body part. Ready to sooth sore muscles after workouts. Increases blood flow for faster recovery & pain relief.


Athlefix™ Pro Massage Gun has been tested thoroughly to ensure the safety of all our customers. The Massage Gun has been CE, UL, RoHs, FCC, FDA Certified & Approved., so you never have to worry about the safety of your Massage Gun. 

What’s inside the Box?

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Athlefix Reviews


4.91Average Rating


Jonathan. B

This massage gun is great - did a lot of reading about this one & various other brands - but the Athlefix seemed to be better built than the rest with great reviews. Really pleased I bought it, comes in a great carry case and 8 heads...

Albert. K

Arrived next day, great gun, the whole family are after it, considering buying another! Love it.

Graham. A

Great price, luckily I got it in the sale. My grandfather loved it!

Adam. P

Very relaxing post workout, can definitely feel scar tissue, time will tell if it helps with this and other injuries. Customer service were very helpful and patient with me. 5 stars.

Sarah. S

This really helped with back/neck pain relief and I’m glad I bought it. I also use it for pre & post exercise now on calf & thigh muscles. Excellent customer service to top it off. An overall great company.

Charlie. A

I chose Athlefix for the 8 heads and they do not disappoint, I love them all!

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Product Comparision

To help you make your decision quicker, our team analysed massageguns from several other reputablebrands and here are the results:

  • 30 Gear Speeds Available - Up to 3500 rpm
  • Up to 6 Hours Of Usage in 1 Full Charge
  • Lightweight, Portable & Durable
  • Made from Aero Grade Aluminium with an LED Touch Screen, Includes 8 Premium Attachments
  • $89.99

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  • 5 Gear Speeds
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • High Grade Aluminium with an LCD Touch Screen - Includes 3 Attachments
  • Up to 3 hours of usage in 1 full charge
  • $189.99
  • 6 Gear Speeds - Up to 3200 RPM
  • Up to 4 hours of usage in 1 full charge.
  • Heavy due to design
  • Includes only 4 attachments
  • $314.99


30 Gear Speeds up to 3500 rpm

  • LEVEL 1

    Percussions per second

    1000 rpm
  • LEVEL 15

    Percussions per second

    2700 rpm
  • LEVEL 30

    Percussions per second

    3500 rpm


Advanced suppressed sound, up to 45 (db) on max gear speed 30, on average 25 (db) lower than competitive massage guns.


  • 360 minutes of use per full charge - Equivalent to 6 hours.

  • Battery Parameters: 2600mAh

  • Large Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Smart Design

  • Auto-Shutdown every 15 minutes to ensure you are notified to prevent over-using..

  • Smart Heat Dissipation Design to ensure massage gun never over-heats.
  • Silicone Grip to ensure hand don't slip
  • Large torque brushless motor - The fuselage balances the impact feedback force and the output makes the power stable


    Weight: 900g / 1.98 lbs

What's in the box

  • 1x Athlefixâ„¢ Pro Massage Gun

  • 8x attachments (Lotus Dome, Sniper Bullet, Ultimate Ball, Steady Fork, Ace of Spade, Flat Sole, The Mace, The Claw)

  • 1x Adapter & Charger (CE & UL Certified)

  • 1x Athlefix Premium Portable Carry Case

  • 1x Manual

Product Dimensions

Dimensions: (18.6 x 24.5 x 0.7cm / 186 x 245 x 7mm)

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